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  1. My name is Denzel Kwanga I’m a 3rd year student at JOOUST, I study logistics and supply chain management, I’m also a young entrepreneur and a poet, but now I just want to talk about the business side.

I own a bracelet company/business where I sell customized shamballas and necklaces. Shamballas go for 199/= and necklaces 299/=, I design them using either people’s names or even just make them as per the clients’ specifications, usually what makes me standout is that I give my clients a chance to create what they want, imagine wearing something with your name on it and telling yourself “I helped create that,” it’s just so amazing.

It is a great business that I definitely enjoy because it helps me get in touch with my artistic side, well because it takes a bit of creativity to make the amazing shamballas that I do. I’m so proud when people appreciate me for what I do, it gives a sense of pride and contempt, kushiba bila kukula.

My company is called KWANGASHAMBALLAS, it’s an online business where most of my transactions are done on the internet, I post my products on social media and whoever is interested can contact me via DM or phone call. I’m on all social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Facebook, twitter all in the same name, @kwangashamballas, check me out and follow me so that we can talk business.

Actually what made me start this business was brokeness, yeah the fact that at times one would be so broke that you buy ..2 chapos na kuomba supu ya maharagwe kwa hotel.. for supper was not an awesome thing.  I decided why not use my skill. Trust me starting was the hardest part of it all, I had no idea how I would market them or how I would sell them or how my clients would get them…… let’s just say God has a plan for everyone, I used the skills I got in class as a supply chain manager and applied them to the real world and my clients always got their goods in good time. I was not that good at speaking to people that’s why I resorted to social media to market and sell my products which covered more ground than I ever could by myself.

I’m so glad to say that my schoolmates here really supported me by buying my products, actually I had reached a point at the start of my business where I was giving up because I could even go for a week or two without selling to anyone, but my friends really helped by buying them and getting the word out to people of the amazing work I did and soon enough I had plenty of clients at my doorstep and social media platforms.

Right now I’m proud to say that I’ve grown in my business and I’m selling them countrywide, I’ve sold to people from everywhere like Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Kakamega etc. All glory goes to God who has brought me this far, I’m just hoping to create a brand that people can identify with, it will keep me awake in my bed until that day I will eventually do it then I’ll finally say I have made it, right now just watch out I have so much in store for you, msishangae mkiniona kwa the trend na kidogo kidogo kwa Forbes.

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