The Culture of My People

Lewis Kanyiri
Written by Lewis Kanyiri
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Diversity is what we celebrate in this beautiful country
Looking at our flag
A pure representation of the peoples of this land
Different colours
Some contrasting
Yet together they are beautiful sight
So is this nation
Sometimes it may seem as if we live in confusion
With a deeper look it is clear that we move in the same direction
August 27th 2010
A new constitution
August 8th 2017
Another general election
Peace cries and calls
Come from all direction
So Kenyans all come out and vote
The counting begins
Still in the apprehension and tension
A familiar condition
The #GITHERIMAN situation
A laugh spreads across our nation
From the North to the East
West to the south
It doesn’t matter where you come from
At that moment we share a joke as one
Then the election is annulled
We forget
As is always expected
Less than 60 days later
We live in fright
Suddenly we all want to take flight
Some to their native homes
Others to a new country
Some are busy sharpening knives
The tongues of our leaders have put a leash on us
We forget so easily
Once in a while
We share memes
From #wanjigichallenge to the association of different shoes to certain people
We all laugh in unison
No one cares whether a Kikuyu came up with it
Or if it was shared by a Mijikenda
Luos, kisiis, kalenjins and kambas laugh alike
It is a beautiful site
October 26th draws near
Once again we forget
Our weapons drawn
We glare at each other
We have forgotten yet again
Our beautiful culture
Of jokes and laughter
Please do not ruin this picture
We are one in nature
We share a similar future
One that is better than our past


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Lewis Kanyiri

Lewis Kanyiri

I'm a believer of possibilities and big things. Growing in a beautiful world, appreciating the beautiful and always hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

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