The Fate of African Teams at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Written by Eugene Makokha
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It goes without saying that African teams have not had it easy at the FIFA World Cup Finals in recent tournaments. Russia2018 is not Africa’s cup of tea despite the heavy support from fans across the continent. The FIFA World Cup is all about luck and competence. Since the Asamoah Gyan heroics at the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa, African teams have been far from best to a great extent.

Africa continues to produce incredible talent and there is no doubt that we have all it takes to compete at the World’s top stage. The reality is unbearable for loyal fans across Africa. Most of them resort to supporting European, American and Asian teams in the competition due to loss of hope in their own teams. Issues regarding mismanagement, indiscipline have watered down all efforts to advance African football.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup may turn out to be another disappointment for the African Continent as it can be seen from the first three games by African representatives. I cannot say that Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria have started by failing us, but their performances are far from expectation given the experience and talent that their players are blessed with.

Unlucky or incompetent, I do not wish to label our African teams in any way. It is time the African Continent left a mark in this competition;it is not yet over, Senegal and Tunisia can bounce back. Nothing is impossible at the World Cup, I wish the African representatives all the best in Russia.

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Eugene Makokha

Student at Kenyatta University main campus, Kenya.

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