The Jaramogi University MACHINE – Isuzu

Written by sky
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The machine


Head first like a tycoon

Engine spurring life into the new generation

Promising to stay forever ,make history

Wheels shaking strong walls of ambiguity

Earth tremble and heavens rejoice

Wheels above the ground displaying her eternal glory

Less energy to go faster,further, wheels in perfect alignment

A screech of breaks scares shit out of hell

Its one of a kind -the machine

With dream and ambition,ready to hit the roads

been in a chopper before?

It feels like you’re flying high

You’ll never feel the impact

It’s an unbelievable experience

The brakes, g-forces,power of engine,beyond description

The silent monster, full of unrestrained power

Resolute in its onward sweep,impervious to danger

Like a menacing engine of destruction

Steady to its goal and certain of its mission

Thanks to ISUZU,

us beyond the beast



By Gracey Eunice

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