The Life Of an Introvert.

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Who is an introvert? Well you could be one and don’t know, do you feel at peace when just left alone or just love being alone most of the time? If yes, you could be one. An introvert is a person who focusses primarily on their own mind, feelings or affairs.



It’s a good thing in life to understand yourself well, to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you my always behave yourself and know how to respond to different situations. In the life of an introvert his or her best companion is actually no one, s/he loves privacy and having time all by themselves to think about problems and find solutions for situations that may have arisen. They think, write, do assigned tasks better just when alone.
These people are always in their own world and are preoccupied with their own thoughts and when issues arise they better handle them on their own. In some cases, even things that could be better solved by simply asking, they do tend to trouble themselves with them.  Most people don’t understand them and just think that they are shy, show off or just have some behaviour difficulties but it isn’t the case.
It’s just because they do better in a one to one interaction rather than in group setting. They do also concentrate better on one thing at a time and tend to be more interactive and open for discussion when they have known you better.
It’s hard to understand them because they don’t easily share their feelings about an issue neither do they share their secrets easily, it’s just unless that you take a keen interest on them that you can do so. They also do take more time to make decisions and hence might just not be good in matters of urgency.
But surely it’s not all doom about them, think can make good and faithful partners provided that you understand them and know how to handle in various situations. They are also quite hilarious and understanding once you get close with them.

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Vincent Kurgat

Kurgat Vincent

Am a third year student taking B.Ed. Special Needs Education with IT. Am an introverted guy who is saved and loves writing poems.


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