The person behind JACOB SICHENGA BAZEL.(The D.O.A Aspirant)

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Its said politics is a dirty game. I personally wouldn’t categorize it under games,its a holder of life,hope and personal fulfillment and unlike football, it shouldn’ t be bet on. “you shouldn’t let power consume you, a leader should serve humbly, effectively and justly” those are the words of the D.O.A aspirant Bazel sichenga.Bazel (Jacob) sichenga is a 3rd year student Pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Special Needs Education.many refer to him as ‘bwana director’ after running for the seat of the Director of Academics a post he lost by few votes to his opponent.Being a very outspoken person with an extrovert personality, Bazel Sichenga manages to interact with a lot of people and you wouldn’t be surprised when some refer him as ‘the talkative guy’. His running for the D.O.A seat did put him on the political perimeters and got him in the political books.despite losing the seat to his competitor the D.O.A Everlyn Mwinzi, Bazels political fire doesn’t seem to burn out.still, he is optimistic,enthusiastic and determined in his political goals.he believes that politics is a long journey that one should be patient with, a virtue he believes he posses. Talking to him about his political dreams and the real person behind the ‘politicized Bazel’ there was much about him you just dont know about.being a very industrious person,getting him down for an interview wasn’t an easy task but Kampozone managed to get a word from him.

NAME:Sichenga Jacob
YEAR: Third year
COURSE: special Needs Education with IT
HEIGHT: 1.75m
HOBBIES: Travelling, Reading, socializing.

KZ:hello,we are glad you made it to Kampozone today.to start off please tell us a little about yourself.
Bazel: I’m Jacob Sichenga. I’m a Luhya from Vihiga county, Luanda constituency Emabungo ward. I’m the first-born in my family and believe that I have a role to play in the society as a whole.
KZ:having run for the Director Of Academics seat last semester, should we term you as a political person?
BAZEL : Definitely, I am.
KZ: When did you get into politics?
BAZEL: In primary school at class 4 when contesting for scouting club leadership.
KZ: We get that you were so determined in serving comrades by being the D.O.A how did you feel when the results came and you had lost the seat to your competitor?
BAZEL : Discouraged. at first I lost hope and even lost a number of friends but I accepted the loss and supported the winning team since I know that I have the ability and that was just but the start.
KZ:Will you term politics as a dirty game?
BAZEL : Yes yes,a very dirty game.
KZ: Have you ever taken part in other major politics apart from the D.O.A seat?
BAZEL: Yes, at county level.I’m the chairman of University Student Association of Emabungo ward.
KZ: What pushed you or rather made you go for the D.O.A seat?
BAZEL : Having been an able chairman of the students council for two years in high school, I knew I had the potential. I also wanted to serve comrades since there many things in the education sector that wanted to be worked on.
KZ: Would you run for any other Sajooust seat given the opportunity?
BAZEL : Yes of course.
KZ: Generally, how will you describe Jooust politics?
BAZEL : I’ll say Tribalistic and unidirectional. Something that shouldn’t be.
KZ: What are your dreams or goals concerning politics and what are your plans?
BAZEL : Despite losing in the Jooust elections I still believe that there’s much I’m yet to do. I ain’t giving up and I have big plans for my political career.
KZ: Where do you see yourself in 5 years to come?
BAZEL : I see myself behind one of Kenyan political posts but most probably the future Governor of Vihiga county.
KZ: Who are your role models?
BAZEL : My uncle is my one big role model.he’s a very determined man never giving up and is always working in improving the society.
KZ: Other than your political dreams and aspiration, who is Bazel?
BAZEL : I’m a passionate teacher who loves his career. I’m a humble man always having people’s needs at heart. I’m a go getter and nothing can stop me fromĀ  what I want.I love interacting with people since I learn a lot from them.I look forward pursuing political science in future. Pursuing
KZ: What don’t people know about you? any hidden mystery?
BAZEL : (laughing) I’m an actor. I love drama and once won the best provincial actor title back in high school.I’m a member of the school drama group although I’ve so far not performed.
KZ: Are you single or taken?
BAZEL : (thinking..) Its complicated
KZ: Briefly,what would you say about the current sajooust administration?
BAZEL : I’ll simply say under performing. They however has potential and are trying their best to serve comrades.
KZ: What would you change if you were in the docket of Academics right now ?
BAZEL : I’ll try to enhance the teachers leaner relationship for mutual performance and advocate for a “green” library since the current one has proved insufficient.
KZ: Any word to your competitor and the current D.O.A ?
BAZEL : She should remain determined.challenges in leadership should make her stronger. She shouldn’t forget who she is and must put comrades interests at heart.
KZ: What is your parting words to the comrades and the young ambitious men and women out there who look forward venturing into politics?
BAZEL : Many expected me to win as the D.O.A but I didn’t. As I said,politics is a dirty game and things may never turn out as you expected but that shouldn’t be the end of your dream, keep the zeal and let the fire burn in you all the time. Follow your dreams and on it all be principled and know exactly what you want. Avoid unjust politics, its poison in our Kenyan society.
KZ: Thank you so much for talking to Kampozone. We wish you all the best in your political dreams and goals and your entire life plan, have a wonderful day.

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