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Sex with lecturers for marks has overwhelmed the Kenyan public and private versities by a storm.For animals, sex is for procreation ,human beings too are animals but in a special way.A great percentage do it for enjoyment and very few do it to accomplish the Biblical and Qur’anic co-ultimate objective of existence i.e ‘Go thee and multiply’.

What is absurd and shocking is how some are abusing sex,YES,they are abusing it.If you are a sober minded person, this myopic idea of sex for marks will never interweave your thoughts .Female university students, I am talking to you,male lecturers I will not spare you either;in fact you are the epicenter of all this.Some of you have lived your lives to the fullest,most of you have a staggering age of above sixty.Your jingoic mind tells you to stagnate the lives of the innocent campus damsels.Shame on you!

It is important to pass your exams ,because securing a good grade guarantees you a higher chance of absorption to the job market.This idea has dirtified the minds of many female students, simply because they have something to transact with these ‘monsters’ ,the male lecturers.Should I mention it?Oh no,you already know that it is the ‘forbidden fruit’.Who can deny something that in terms of value it is equated to gold ?Could even be much more than gold,when its ‘game’ time, the two parties feel as if they are in ideal world.A world of their own where the ‘mountain’ feels as if she is a queen and the ‘mountaineer’ feels as if he is a king,here I have no point to blame the lecturers but the dubious,gullible and impeccable behaviour of the female students can lure even a sexually starving seminarist.

In a single semester,those who have subscribed to this ideological philosophy pay the price of ‘bisection’ on average twelve times.Many university students do at least six units per semester.Therefore,one must be ‘drilled’ during the C.A.T.S and the semester exam to avoid resits and retakes.One must score at least 40% in every unit.This percentage is too high to our ‘subject matters’,they therefore look for short cuts that can ascend them to the highest academic ladder.

The only commensurate alternative of vomiting what is in their heads to writing is by having a semi love-academic relationship, which gives birth to Sexually Transmitted Degrees(STDs),the objective.These degrees are there in every field ,ranging from law,medicine,business ,engineering to name but a few.The holders are incompetent and very poor when executing tasks assigned to them.Many of our patients in the hospitals are dying,so many buildings have collapsed,collosal amount of money has been stolen in the banks,the list is endless.

Most of the lecturers who accept the price of ‘bisection’ ,are infected with HIV/AIDS and take this advantage to infect innocent girls , some bear the same age as their daughters or grand-daughters.If you know you are a lecturer and you have ruined the life of an innocent damsel God will be on your toes now,in your grave and on the Doom’s Day.Cases of abortion have frequented the university walls and these girls end up becoming barrens therefore,regretting for the whole of their lives.

My dear university damsel,you are not a child of a lesser god,crack your head and get what you sweated for in the proper manner,don’t take advantage of your sexy and romantic body to molest lecturers to give you marks.Those lecturers will ‘drill’ you and will satisfy their lust but the aftermath will be on you and will be very devastating.Please use your brain instead of your ‘forbidden fruit’ reserve it for your future husband and you will live a happy marriage full of Aulio love.

Mohamed Tokal Morowa is a student at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) pursuing a Bachelor in Business Adminstration with (IT) Majoring in Finance

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