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For the first time in three years am actually going to shop for a valentine dress can you believe that?

Don’t worry I can’t also believe it.

It’s been three and a half years since Mark and I parted ways. I wish I could say that it was a cool breakup like those in the soap operas but it wasn’t.

We fought half the night and I had to kick him out of my house at midnight.I spend the rest of the night wisely.

By morning my tear glands were a dried well and the pillow; well that was the evidence of the floods from that night. Away with my sob story. Why would you want to know about the details of a gross breakup anyway?

So the other day I met this guy. He isn’t the typical kind of guys I date. In fact he is the exact opposite.

Normally am attracted to serious almost nerdy guys. The father figure kind of guys. Hey, don’t judge my choice of men.

Anyway this guy is hot.

He has a nice chest and outlined abs that drew my eyes to them.
or maybe that was the only thing I could comfortably look at.

That is without risking a stiff neck. Considering he is way past six feet and am five zero.

As he walked towards me, he smiled.

His dimples took a dip maybe to hide from the horrific sight. Here was a handsome guy smiling and extending his hand to me.

And me? I think this is where someone is supposed to slap me. To wake me from my stupor.

I stood there wide eyed, mouth agape with no words forth coming for a full minute.

Yep! You had me right. A full minute!

For a second there this guy was actually surprised but then he started laughing.

It wasn’t the learned kind of laughter. No! It was this raw genuine laughter that made him clutch his stomach and left him gasping for air.

His eyes twinkled with promises of adventure.

Am Nick by the way. Nice to meet you.

I swallowed, stammered then stammered some more. Finally I got out a string of five letters.


All that struggle for only five letters. Awkward right?

I wish I said I didn’t do that but I would be lying.

See that wasn’t very difficult. Anyway I saw you standing here and I thought to myself, for such a beautiful lady to be alone in this kind of place should be a crime. So here I am.

Why can’t this guy leave me alone? Wait why does he talk as if am in a group of rowdy, horny school boys?

Turned out he was a great company. Much as I would like to deny, it was the best day of my life for more than three years now.

That night I lay in bed and listened to the tingling sensation at my waist .Where his hand had rested.

I kept playing that parting hug in my mind. The electric rush that coursed through my body when he pressed me close to his chest.

Each time, my eyes close to savor that moment. I felt a wild sensation, a hunger.

Remember when I said am not spontaneous?

That was a lie. I am just scared.

Scared of what might happen, how people might judge me. This is why I hold back every time a wild thought crosses my mind.

That day however, I felt a deep crave for adventure.

Nick offered adventure. That’s just what I needed to spice up my life.

For the first time since my school life I had actually eaten in a fast food restaurant, strolled in the night and lay under the moon for no reason.

And it felt great. It gave me a rush of excitement.

Every morning and night ever since that day has been a blur. Sounds cliché?

So here I am looking at dresses. I have this urge to dress up in something short and sexy.

Am scared of what I will look like but that’s the point. I have this wild rush flowing down my veins.

Today am high. Higher than every other day.

I am going on an official date. It feels like my head is high up in the clouds and am walking in space. Love and adventure all at the same time?

This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I feel a new kind of rush.

That of accomplishment. I am radiantly glowing as my eyes fall on something. I can almost feel the creepiness from the weird looks am getting but I don’t care anymore.

I am happy. Genuinely happy and this is what matters to me.

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