The truth behind the 2nd Kampozone Photoshoot….

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Having identified the poster niche in Jaramogi Oginga Odinga main campus, kampozone have invested alot into photoshoot of our finnest models and personalities. Making sure that various graphic designers also are equipt with the latest pictures of the models, artists, mucisians and the common comrade in case the need be.

Kampozone as a product is investing alot to make sure that Jooust student’s talent are exposed to the outside market. Naturing and marketing talents is the organizations priority
August Saturday  20th is a day set aside for any interested persons to enjoy free photoshoot from the best paparazi team in the institution.

Its also a day set aside for people to meet and interact with the kampozone team.  With a point of meeting different people who wud like to be covered in the universities top leading product kampozone .


On the same,  its a day that they are doing photoshoot for their poster as well.

Kampozone will take the best pictures use for their Posters in their October campaign ahead of the Masquarade party which they are planning to cover .

Kampozone team feels so exited about the whole exercise and   invites all people.

The team leader also feels the need for people to show their talents out there easily with a platform like this. He feels so appreciateful of the jooust students due to the support they have shown towards the project so far. He also wishes to work with everyone and welkams everyone to kampozone.




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