The Truth behind the Great Tonny Lawal Step-Down as he tells it all

Written by Gibson Kiplangat
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*simple profile*

NAME – Tonny Lawal


SCHOOL- Mathematics and Acturial science.


COUNTY: Kisumu

HOBBY: singing,skating and service to the less fortunate.

LIKES: Art work- it brings the clear picture of the society we need.

DISLIKE: Development Sabotours- it drags the society.


*Me* :(Handshake with big melly smile) Thank you for finding time sir. Am very happy to host you today.

*Tonny* : My pleasure. Thank you too for having me bro!


*Me* : So who is Tonny Lawal?

*Tonny* : (smiles) He is me, anyway Tonny Lawal is a third year student talking Bachelor of Mathematics and Acturial science, I am a social, liberal and one man who believes in solidarity,service to himself, above self and to the community.

*Me* : Do you have any leadership background?

*Tonny* : Absolutely Yes! I was a headboy in Kisumu Day High School. I have also been a leader in clubs and societies in JOOUST and currently I am the Youths’ Director of the county governance watch.

*Me* :  What made you join JOOUST politics?

*Tonny* : It is all about leadership. I was eyeing the top most seat (Chairman-SAJOOUST) because I belief its the head containing the eye.

*Me*  :What have you learned about the politics in JOOUST?

*Tonny* : (silence for a while then stares at me) Politics here is getting to a moderate notch and more extreme. Generally its tough.

*Me* : Tonny Lawal is no longer in the race, is it true? and why?

*Tonny* : (Direct eye contact) Yes am out. I realised I had partial support from my community -charity begins at home you know..I also had an issue about my security, I remember receiving texts threatening me of my candidature and this made me really worried. i have a future to live and like you do, I value my life too.. One thing I realised also is that its getting to moderate extreemsm.

*Me*  : Whom do you think is responsible for all those?

*Tonny* : I dont want to be in point but I think the ‘elders’ are.

*Me* : But then why do you think you were left behind?

*Tonny* : It is all about the nomination process. We had signed a conditional agreement with them. I dont regret.

*Me* : Whats the basic consideration?

*Tonny* : Its simply the ground and the numbers.

*Me* : Who is your Candidate especially the Chairperson -SAJOOUST?

*Tonny* : (Laughs) I was the best candidate and now being off the race it will take time to evaluate the best candidate. Its important to evaluate wisely but also necessary to advocate for peace, love, unity, solidarity and harmony.

*Me* : What do you think about the coalitions?

*Tonny* : (silent for a while then smiles) you see I dont believe in coalitions but a strong team with a clear and best ideologies.

*Me* : Why is politics treated as a dirty subject by the general public?

*Tonny* : This is because we politicians make it dirty. There are a few honest people in this system, but they are often suppressed.

*Me* : Are we playing mature politics?

*Tonny* : (Laughs) The propaganda level in JOOUST is in a better level and financialy it is getting more and more extreme but it might lead to poor leadership.

*Me* : Whats your word to those still in the race?

*Tonny* : I wish them all the best.

*Me* : what challenges are you facing so far?

*Tonny*: (Nods in dissapointment) Am facing extreme pressure from my supporters, pressure from aspirants and allot of propaganda.

*Me* : What of achievements?

*Tonny* : I am more strengthened than before and more opportunities for interactions also getting fresh ideas from the ground.

*Me* : What are your future plans? are you planning to join national politics?

*Tonny* : I Not only want to be a great man but a good man moreover I give service where it is defficient.

*Me* : You recently organized an event (National Youth Conference on Countering Violent Extremism, Anti-radicalisation and peaceful Elections) held on September 19th -22nd, 2016. Was this a political ladder for you?

*Tonny* : (Nods in disagreement) No. it wasn’t political but a stepping stone for JOOUST to be felt in a national angle.

*Me* Whats your word to the rest of the students?

*Tonny* : I urge all students to participate in the election process and if there is need to travel home, let them travel after votting.

*Me* : Who is your mentor?

*Tonny* : Governor Alfred Mutua. He speaks less but delivers more.

*Me* : What makes SONU more felt unlike SAJOOUST?

*Tonny* : SONU has strong connections to both National and County Governments. I wish that could apply in JOOUST too.

*Me* : Whats your final word

*Tonny* : (silent for a while) God bless Jooust.



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