This is what aspirants have been doing for them to win space in congress!!

Bramwel Mabale
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Following a series of hotly contested congress positions. Political reactions have consumed the whole institutional putting everything to a stand still as the election approach.img-20161114-wa0019

Various schools have seen most aspirants who had earlier stepped down in the general elections resurrecting from their political death traps. The congress position has opened the lid to those who like debating for they have a chance to exercise their debating skills in their respective schools.

Today has been a busy day for those blowing their political horns in the school of Actuarial science and Mathematics. It has turned out smokey and pungent for aspirants contesting in this department. This has forced lecturers to postpone CATS since no one is willing to do them while enjoying the political game.

One of the most feared aspirants Mr Peter Mwangangi alias Challoh has launched a political heat wave scaring his competitors to death. He took his campaign to one of the actuarial classes turning the Lab into a political battle field. This happened when his supporters joined hands to support his bid for the position.

He had promised them of fronting sensitive motions before the speaker if he is given the chance. He also promised to work hand in hand with the current regime for change.

On the other side, Emmy Hawa who is also known for her bitter stand on hot debates has declared her bid to gun down the voted in the Actuarial department. She has encouraged her fellow ladies to support each other and also rise up to compete with the dominant male leadership. She also encouraged ladies to take up the task and work hard.

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