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Kenyans are a Furious lot this January. Ask any keen eyed civilian and s/he’ll tell you that the country is an epitome of chaos if not a definition of it. A few nights ago, one of my former high school classmates sent me a joke in which Obama’s slogan: ‘Yes We Can’ and President Trump’s: ‘Make America great again’ was juxtaposed against President Uhuru’s statement: “Tuna kula nyama hao wakimeza mate.

The expression of sentimentality is evident even among those who despise politics or hear little of it. From doctors on strike, University staff downing their tools and even worse the alleged deaths of 57 KDF soldiers (As reported by Al-Shabaab spokesperson) in Kulbiyow, Somalia; nothing seems to make sense at all especially because of how those at the front seat of power are reacting to it.

Blame games and spreading propaganda for unnecessary political mileage seems to be the only thing our leaders know how to do. Nobody seems to care about the sick peasant slowly watching his life unfold before his eyes as he bears witness to his slow degradation due to his inevitable but nonetheless curable disease as he waits for his death, or the typical university student whom as a result of the recent turn of events has dived into a world of fantasy, decaying into a stream of unncessary activities in the name of time well spent because there are no lessons or the guy who watches his once friendly neighour resort into a fiery mound of hatred over political ideologies being fueled through tribal channels.

What’s happening instead?

More sophisticated riot control automated vehicles are being bought under the guise of counter-terrorist activities with the old “boosting the performance of the police force” when we all know the aim of such is to suppress civil unrest in the hands of a failed democracy or is it the constant blame games over who’s hiring who to toy with the election results because it seems that’s all our leaders are concerned with: power and more power.

In the meantime, the hatred and anger continues to build up, panic spews all over the country as to the looming drought while time which could have been better spent learning a new skill keeps getting wasted arguing in WhatsApp platforms over whose going to win what, people keep dying and those who could have had their diseases diagnosed continue to harbor more and more infections.

These are signs of a society degenerating into chaos. One of the tenets of chaos theory is the butterfly effect which goes on to express how a tiny change in a system that can be well defined can cause unpredictable results. It is at tines such as these, when opinions matter more than facts, when threats seem to be thrown by either side of the table, where uncertainity, confusion and bigotry seems to be the order of the day that it is logical to resort to the wisdom of the ages, the one guiding spirit that captures the spirit of progress in its entire essence: “Remember your humanity and forget everything else.” should we follow.

In the meantime, the political arena is all: cockamamie

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