THRILLER!! see how deceiving MakeUp can be!

Written by Gracey Eunice
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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a scholar once said.Recently, the story of a man dumping his wife to-be, one week to their wedding after seeing her without makeup for the first time went viral on media. Along this was accompanying stories of men who dumped their wives on their honeymoon and after their wedding when they finally got to see them without makeup. This brought up a hot topic for discussion with men hurling their long-held comments about women makeup. It was clear that for a long time they had been seating on a hot iron that now they needed to cool off their burning behinds. One man, a victim of the make up disguise bitterly narrated how he had fallen in love with the facial physique that he then loved and adored so much. According to him,the woman was ever ‘polished’ in fresh foundation,mascara,eyeliner,blusher and a strong seductive cologne that he couldn’t resist, his manhood nature was to live and every time he was always swept off his feet by the looks of this breathtaking woman who had always left him gasping for air. The man then,described the woman as a heaven-sent angel and would admit that he had never met a woman so beautiful with such charming looks before. The thought of loosing her to another man couldn’t settle in his mind and immediately took a step of faith and asked her to be his wife. He got the answer he had just anticipated for,a yes,and without hesitating started wedding preparations, for better for worse, he was determined to have his rose for eternity. One week to their wedding the man decided to take his found love to a love escapades at the beaches.after one unforgettable swimming experience, the two walked out of the waters with renewed passion. However,the ‘before wedding beach honeymoon’ turned soar when the man looked at his woman and realised he was holding a stranger. With all the make up waged out during the swimming, the man could no longer recognize his rose again, he had never seen her without makeup and seeing the “real” her for the first time,the man couldn’t come in terms with his eyes. Could this have happened in the waters the man would have fainted and never wake up to his much found reality, it wasn’t one he would love to face. Collecting himself up and making what’s what many referred to as a man’s life decision,the man immediately called of the engagement saying that she was not the woman he had been dating. Leaving her on the beach,the man had learnt his greatest lesson and swore never to date a woman with makeup again.

The woman’s reaction is another day’s story,grieve is something I  prefer not to write about. Makeup, believed to be a western culture has been embraced, accepted and cultivated over the years by our women to an extent that women can now have two identification cards without any problem since they can be two-faced,huh!.

Makeup,especially for  the women can be a sensitive topic which many will prefer handling carefully to escape the wrath of a woman.a woman’s wrath,they say can be intense,deafening and life taking.

talking to some ladies,the umbrella of self-defence for the feminine was raised high.”I love the confidence that make up gives me” said one lady. “I feel naked without makeup” confessed another don’t poke a beehive without Sting’s protector, we did stop there for the ladies,world war isn’t one easy fight so you’d rather not start it up.

However for the men,this was a relieving time of their lives,the topic they dared not bring up had been clearly set before them and frankly gave their views on how deceiving makeup can man even said that makeup was the greatest trick that the devil has ever pulled by convincing women that they looked better in their makeup.

imagine if all girls started wearing no make up and comfortable clothes, guys will have no choice they’d have to fall for a girl’s personality and natural beauty.consider the fact that maybe…just maybe beauty and worth aren’t found in makeup bottles,a salon fresh hairstyle or a fabulous outfit.maybe our sparkle comes from somewhere deeper inside,somewhere pure,authentic and real,it doesn’t need a gloss or polish or glitter to shine.

Failed relations can be described as so much wasted makeup.forget the laughs,forget the fights,forget the sex,forget the jealousy.but take off your hat and observe a moment’s silence for the legions of unknown tubes of foundation,mascara,eyeliners and lipsticks who died that it might all have been possible,but who died in vain.screenshot_2016-12-06-16-43-52


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