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Logskit Spy App Gains Momentum On Tracking Cheating Spouse

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Smartphones are very popular among many people and have improved the convenience of sending or receiving messages without worrying about how much phone credit you’ll spend.
Cheating & unfaithful spouses, rebellious kids an boisterous employees now have their days numbered as logskit mobile monitoring app is now gaining a following in countries like Kenya, helping victims confront them unsuspiciously through phone messages.

I suspected my 13-year-old daughter of chatting with strangers on the internet, and I was afraid that she was so naive as to be deceived. Logskit Mobile Spy had eliminated my worries.

… is a testimony that the spy agency received of late. The parent marks one of over 600 people who have subscribed to the android tracking app since it was launched in 2017.

Active in Kenya, now logskit mobile spy software is directly installed onto a mobile phone you want to spy and recevives copies of all SMS, Call Logs, Emails, GPS Location and listens to conversations within minutes of installation.

With logskit mobile tracking and monitoring app, it is now possible to track down social media messages including whatsapp, facebook, twitter and much more. Once the android spyware has been installed on the Target phone, it listen to phone calls read sms, track incomming & outgoing messages and get GPS Location and sends this information this information to a text message or her logskit web account with all the details included.

Remote Cell Phone Tracker has been achieved with logskit. With its ability to send GPS Location frequently, you will be able to monitor your target device moves.

Logskit mobile monitoring application now allows you to monitor unlimited devices. All you need to have is a single account and use your account email to register multiple devices that you want to spy/monitor. In addition you can choose different subscription to each devices you want to monitor.

Logskit spy agency is offering a free mobile tracking and monitory package which expires after 49hrs, no credit cards required.
With this free package you will be able to install undetectable mobile monitoring app in the target device, read SMS history, phonebook and monitor sim-card changes.

Logskit parental control app is compatible with any smartphone using Android. Download mobile monitoring app and follow their mobile spying installation guide. It is guaranteed to work on all android carriers. Installing the tracking software will cost you Zero Dollars and you interestingly get two days of free spying and monitoring on any mobile phone.

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