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Unfair! Unfair And Unfair!

Kelvin Arap
Written by Kelvin Arap
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The poem UNFAIR ! UNFAIR AND UNFAIR !  is a simple piece that was motivated by my own real life experience.

“Life is sometimes very unfair that it doesn’t spare even the minors.
I always feel bad, I am always saddened by some day to day occurrences. The poem UNFAIR ! UNFAIR AND UNFAIR !  is a simple piece that was motivated by my own real life experience. Poverty !  Poverty ! A bridge to all suffering. Read the poem below:

Have you ever since found trouble on your side ?
Did you ever go through any hardships in life ?
Or did you just go through an although-smooth lifestyle ?
Have you ever since lived a foul lifestyle ?
Did you ever struggle to live a life better than a life of misery ?
Or did you just have everything at hand and all your demands satisfied at every point of need ?

They say life can at times be very unfair
Some people are struggling to live lives that others perceive as a ‘no life’
A life that not even the rich’s dogs and cats can live
And i don’t mean to compare these people with those animals
Its just that it pains me.
People are suffering.
I hear of lack of basic needs in a family and its not a laughing matter
Maybe I too lacked the basics some time back.
I hear of school drop-outs, lack of education due to inadequate funds and its not funny
Maybe I too lacked school fees some years back.
Or maybe it was well wishers who came to my studies’ aid.
I am talking of poverty.
I call it ‘a blow on the nose’.

I once heard of a family that went on an empty stomach for a whole five days
No biting, tearing, chewing nor grinding
Only water served their stomachs’ hunger.
But… Wait…!
Did I say ‘heard’?
Well, I am sorry.
I once experienced how a five days’ empty stomach felt like
And it was not a sugary experience.
Sometimes life can teach you the most the most difficult lessons,
Lessons that you wouldn’t even wish to learn by yourself.
But why cant life spare even the minors all around ?

Walk to the streets !
Some people will get there and say there is a healthy people living a LIFE
But when I get there myself , I see ‘life’
And by the way, what is LIFE ?
Is it just a matter to do with physical fitness, health and breathing ?
Or is it just a personal existence ?
Think about it like it were you on those cold streets at night
With nowhere to go
With nothing to eat.
Cold !
Hungry !
Lonely !
Ooh Pity !
Pity ! Ooh  Pity !
It makes me feel sad.
Every time I get to the streets my cheeks get warm
My hands unfold and no longer get peace in my shorts’ pockets
Warm tears do not even spare me.
I cry for the kids.
Too young but with no predictable future
Neglected by everyone around them
I feel bad. I am crying out loud.
And my crying wont stop until some love is shown unto them,
Street children.

And now…
Universe !
When shall we have calmness in you ?
For it is not long, you took a good number of our people.
Could you please tell us what the plan you got.
What is your main aim here ?
Are you after making us sad all through or are you for some other idea ?
And if you are for some other idea, why are you allowing all this pain deep within us ?
Do you even feel the suffering that we undergo after you swallow those who we love ?
Or is it that you partnered with death ?
How do you feel now that she feeds you ?
Death takes away and you swallow !
Is that even funny now ?
Is it….?
Speak out loud !
Is it…?
Well, now don’t speak and
Go to hell !


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Kelvin Arap

Kelvin Arap

“Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.”

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