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University Of Eldoret (UOE) Scandals!

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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As many universities near their varsity election dates,many comrades are still still in a state of confusion after the election system being changed to a few representatives elected by their fellow comrades voting for their leaders unlike the previous system where all comrades took part in the Voting process.

At the University of Eldoret (UOE), things have heated up and comrades want their voice to be heard.

This came after series of complains from the comrades not being heard by the school administration for a long time or considered forgetting that a comrades voice is the voice of the varsity.

The comrades who now want their voice heard and their problems handled have blamed their elected leaders for failing them.


The SGC body they entrusted to champion for their rights have been turned into admin puppets thus leaving no room for mercy to the ¬†comrades. Comrades now want the leaders to resign as they’ve failed in delivering their main course.

An angry comrade is like a lion that’s ready to pounce.UOE comrades are in an angry and ready to bite mood after a memo informing them of the scrapping off the special exams was released.

They say,the special exams are now regulated by rules meant to frustrate comrades and intimidate the ‘poor’ in the name of school fees.

The angry comrades now want the DVC to be sent home with immediate effect forfailing to serve comrades.


On the other hand,the engineering can no longer hold back their boiled up anger after the institution declared that the engineering student will have to graduate at the varsity knowing well that the course is not certified in the schooI.

Initially the engineering students have been having their graduations at Moi university not without knowing that the course is not credited in their varsity.

This,they call a punishable sin that shouldn’t be ignored since their careers and future is now at stake.

The students now want a clear explanation of the situation and it’s solution since they’ve come a long way to see their career collapse on their faces because of some selfish individuals who only think of their stomachs.

They want to be assured of their studies at the varsity or be transferred to other institutions where engineering is certified to confidently complete their course.

They’ve come together as one despite the intimidation from all corners to fight for their dream career.

The university is now in awe as comrades want what they’re now calling “Admins madness” to end.

Revolution they say, is baying for their attention  and theyre ready to embrace it for a harmonious stay at the university community.


Well,we all know that comrades power is much stronger when a comrades voice is not heard.

The question is, will their voice be heard?

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