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“How far would you go for me honey?” That’s a question bae is most likely to ask and you’re most likely to give a twisted contorted lie borrowed from a sketchy collection of folklore, pop-culture and relatively anything your brain can get it’s hands on designed to make you get laid.

However this was not the case for fourth year student Zachariah Maruti of Kibabi University who on Saturday morning was rushed to Bungoma West Hospital after trying to protect his girlfriend from robbers.
The thugs whom eye witness report to be 4 in number attacked the University hostel where Zachariah and his girlfriend were in at 4 am on June 10th hitting his head 3 times with a log and when the girlfriend screamt, the robbers ordered them to keep quiet.

As you can imagine, this did not sit quite nicely with the girl who continued screaming and when Zack saw the robbers heading for his girlfriend, he raised his hands in a bid to protect her before being cut by one of the thugs in the arm.
“Zack sustained serious cuts in the legs, fingers and arms. When the robbers realized my screams were attracting the neighbours’ attention, they took Zack’s laptop and escaped to an unknown destination” said Zack’s lover.

The students have called upon the police in Bungoma town to beef up security in the area. The students are also urging the university administration to employ more security officers in and out of the university premises. No arrests have been made thus far, with police launching a manhunt for the suspects.
Turns out there are legit guys in the end.

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