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VASITY STUDENTS – HIV Statistics Worry Amid Wolrds Aids Day tomorrow (1st Dec)

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We are all affected if not infected by the HIV pandemic .HIV has been at a rise among Kenyan youth. According to the report given by the Daily Nation on 20th September 2015, about  500,000 teenagers are infection. In addition to that, young people ranging from the age of 15-24yrs are at a higher risk of infection. What Could be the main reasons for this higher risk of infection among young people??

The young people are sexually active and ignorant of using protection .A sexually active person is one who has indulged in sex and is at a risk of contracting STIs.     There has been a recent trend of how Kenyan Universities are affected. The HIV prevalence rates at our Universities is increasing and expected to increase due to the misconduct regarding sexual issues. For instance, young girls have been lured by old men in the name of money. These ladies have trusted them so much not to even use any form of protection. In either way, young men in the trending name ‘Mafisi’ are chasing multiple girlfriends hence trusting them resulting to unsafe Sex, in the course contracting the virus .Another instance is young people in Universities indulging in taking of drugs and alcohol hence their sexual practices being influenced by drugs and alcohol. In the process, young people indulge in unprotected sex with different sex partners .Thirdly,young women have been noted to worry more about pregnancy than hiv. This has resulted to increase in HIV infection in a manner that if the lady indulges in sex and is not pregnant is Okay and less concerned about contracting the virus. Lastly, there has been a trend in Kenyan Universities of students having revenge motives . This is evident on how young men and women have confessed through social media platforms on how they are ready to infect as many people as possible as they were also infected unknowingly.


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