Vitimbi vya Jaramogi University – (world AIDs day) Boy dumps his girlfriend for refusing to take a free HIV test.

Written by Gracey Eunice
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You don’t know what awaits you till you face it, so the old saying goes. Itana(real name with held) just like any other days did not know how her day will end after waking up on a bright Thursday morning. Jaramogi University has been holding a number of activities in the school’s premises and therefore the hosting of the World AIDs Day at the school grounds was no news to her. The day had kicked off well with loud music from the events ground as different groups; the school choir, dances and performances from different artists prepared to perform at the event.the weather seemed to be in a good mood for the day as tents were set up for the days activities, this included;Free HIV/AIDS testing,breast and cervical cancer, guiding and counseling among other activities. What beautiful Itana did not know was what the big day marking the beginning of a new month and the ending of a year had in store for her. Had she known that this would be the day when her two-year-old relationship would come to an end, maybe she wouldn’t have woken to face the cruelty of this day. Whether she had in mind the idea of going for a HIV test or not,the later incident confirmed that at all costs she was not for the idea of having a HIV test, and no one, not even her prince was going to change this, love they say, could change hard-headed people, Itana wasn’t going to be among them.

At noon,the couple( Itana and her two-year boyfriend) walked in the days arena. The two seemed to be in a good mood and chatting what seemed like their good love times and could be easily seen on they faces that shone with passion. At some point, the two seemed to be engrossed in a serious conversation near the testing tents. As it turned out, the conversation drew the curiosity of the onlookers and those around when the two began raising voices towards each other. It seemed one of the lovebirds had just been pricked.

“what’s wrong with getting tested?  We’ve been dating for two years now and I don’t see why we shouldn’t get a HIV test together”

“What’s wrong with getting tested?  We’ve been dating for two years now and I don’t see why we shouldn’t get a HIV test together”, the guy complained in a disappointing tone. “That’s my choice, whether I want to be tested or not. Thy didn’t you tell me before coming that we were coming for testing?I wasn’t ready for this!” Itana protested,raising her voice at him. “Tell you before coming? would it have changed your test results?is there anything I should know? it seems I’m missing out on something here?”  “think whatever you want to think but the fact remains I’m not getting tested,go ahead if you want to, I’ll be waiting right here”. The heat seemed to be rising minute by minute as the lovely conversation between the 4th year guy with his 3rd year girlfriend got out of this time a small gathering had already made around the now on the edge couple with their ears open not to miss even a word. when the banks could no longer persevere the strong waves of the see, they broke loose. The guy,frustrated and angry gave what we later came to term as his break-up line. “I don’t know why I’ve been wasting my time on you all this while when its clear you are a dog in a sheep’s skin. Who knows what you’ve been doing behind me? my friends were just right,you are a bitch pretending to be a loyal girlfriend all this time. Its OVER between us. Pick your things at my place today, don’t call or come anywhere near me, you are free to have your many men now. “The guy bitterly uttered and angrily made his way out of the small gathering. Which also answered our curious question of whether the two were staying together as man and wife.

Sina haja na vitu ziko kwako unaweza peana Kwa Malaya wako,and don’t you ever try to call my number! ndio utajua the bitch you say I am.

“what?? unadhani umeniumiza? That was just your excuse for us to breakup, I was prepared but you should at least have faced it as a man, sina haja na vitu ziko kwako unaweza peana Kwa Malaya wako,and don’t you ever try to call my number! ndio utajua the bitch you say I am. I’m too beautiful to cry over you,let’s see who loses”, the girl barked back as she also made her way out. The two went opposite directions with each of them breathing fire and cursing underneath their breath with every step they took,leaving behind a dark cloud of a breakup mood.

Life is a series of ups and downs.maybe this was just one of their downs in life. There’s the breaking part and the getting together part, we would of course love to witness the getting together part too, if at all it will ever happen.

Meanwhile, the various testings and counseling activities are ongoing as planned. If your health matters, you should carry yourself to the tents.

Free advice:

If you intend dragging your partner along, consult first before getting them there.

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