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Wall against the window

Written by dero
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I know it,I feel it, I want it so intimate

No way I can’t stand it,I want you to date

I speak like I can’t,for you I imitate

My wish since then, fate locked the gate

The reason I can’t ,my affection to state

She’ll have something to say


“Do you think of me, at times when you sleep”

Blinded by fog,its summer can’t see a tip?

You thought I would say yes,in slumber so deep

Fare enough, from my portion you’ll sip

and find of the wall at the fore of the thing so deep

she’ll have something to say


There is a package,just yet to be unfold

Secrets of old and yet to be told

The last lines will tell of who to be told

I rushed into something and now I can’t hold

My eye are on someone, I wish to behold.But unfold

she’ll have something to say



About the author



A student a Jaramogi Oginga Odinga university of science and technology

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