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A day after election,  things turning up against the speculations.  A group of comrades had a rough time this morning in Bondo town after the bus owners failed to refund them cash against the already given tickets.


It is said that a group of ladies from the school had already paid their money following a speculation that the elections would be rough. This was against their will as they had planned to throng home.  Their joy came to a deep freeze as the rest of student celebrated a new change in Jooust politics.


Most of them were spotted crying because they had not read for the cats scheduled on monday.  Matatu operators laughed at the scene as they advice them to go back to school without a compensation or continue their journey to various destinations.



A good number have been spotted carrying their bags back to school.  Others took their cries to the library preparing for a heavy week ahead of them.  For sure they vowed to lock themselves inside the library.


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