What might be in store for kenyan universities from our esteemed:Dr Fred Matiangi.?

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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whoever does not agree with the fact that the education ministry has taken over a new cover in education matters,then he/she absolutely has no idea who Dr.Fred Matiangi is.ever since the new minister of education Dr.Fred Matiangi got into the education docket,there has been a series of events,one after another raising the education flag higher than it has in all the years.the minister,with a flinch of determination seems to have a burning urge to bring everlasting change in the education sector.Right from new school new term and exam dates,there has been the burning of visiting days in schools in third term,prayer days which to the Kenyan culture was the climax of the incoming national exams;KCPE and KCSE.there was the strict exam enviroment rules followed by strict exam marking regulation which left a number of the nation crying.the KCPE result bomb did not end the “masaibu ya wanafunzi with Dr.Matiangi”,shortly after came the KCSE shocker, right in the middle of the festive season,many schools and students are still nursing their wounds.

With all this going on,university students are holding their breath waiting for their might be slow,the truth is whatever the minister is on for the universities must be well planned.with rumours,jokes and humour filling the media about the minister reaching the universities, whatever the Dr.has in store for the universities remains a big secret. there’s been speculation of the minister’s plan to introduce a joint exam for all universities with common courses in the country. sources state that the regulation which is open for debate will allow universities with similar courses offer examination set from the university joint exam board which will then be marked by external examiners.whether this is a trap for the lazy lecturers or the lazy student used to get their grades whichever way,no one knows.

The reaction from students all over universities on what the minister might bring in to the university clearly brings out what might be reffered to as the education clash.whether universities will abide by what the Dr.has for the universities or not,the big riddle remains; what does Dr Fred Matiangi has for the Kenyan universities?

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