What Next for SAJOOUST Aspirants?

Written by Gibson Kiplangat
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After crowning winners, those who couldn’t meet their expectations had to bow down for the new regime. A glossy mood has resumed and everything has gone back to normal.


However, things have started unfolding after the scoldy campaigns.  It is reported that some aspirants who had promised their campaign team a reward should they win have failed to keep their promise.  This comes after their big loss became a reality.


One of the aspirants who had had his eyes on the treasury position, has been spotted in a desperate move to calm down his supporters, whom he had promised a party in case he won. His close friends whose vehicles he had used have turned the heat up demanding their dues.  Close sources reveal that the man used up every coin he had to flamboyantly feed non voters and now the rain has found him bald headed.


Most of these aspirants have been caught unawares as the end month approaches.  Landlords are seen to be impatient on them.   They are facing a hard battle to feed themselves following rejection from their donors. Some of them have found it hard to maintain their girlfriends.  These has made  them embarrased to appear in public.


On the other hand, those who carried the day confirmed that politics is not a game of sunbathing with the hecklers and lily warts but belongs to the radicals. As you prepare to storm to your various jurisdictions note that we are longing for an inclusive, fair, best and strict leadership.


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