What some of us fear most

Schola Moraa
Written by sceezy
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We had all been taught
Sleep for days fought
Knowledge with diligence sought
Now ready with all we got

Time to face the test
Now alone no longer with the rest
Some time ago it was all zest
Now everyone in his little nest

You awake on that day with alarm
Today you have that exam
The whole night you did try to cram
But now you cant di the sum

Frustrated you look out through the window
Stressed up like a young widow
Your neighbour stands up wuthout further ado
Collects his paper and you dont know what to do

Time is running out you gotta stand
You hear nothing and look around
Resit is real you understand
And you know that is your end

About the author

Schola Moraa


Uuhm ...Schola. Student at Jooust. Poet,article writer.
Professional day dreamer. So boring...
Love cats hate dogs.
Loves novels hates travelling.

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