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This time round the hunter becomes the hunted. In the kind of society we are living right now (Kenya) and the euphoria around elections, sobriety and impartiality is hard to come by. We are gradually degenerating every single issue affecting us into politics and the non-issues are given priority. This time round the blame falls squarely on; the main stream media, the social media frenzy and the so called bloggers, the church, the civil society and the delusional sycophancy of the citizens. With this kind of trend these groups are ushering the country in to anarchy.
Truth be told the mainstream media be it radio, audiovisual or print have become political puppets working in cohorts with the political class to brainwash the ignorant society with disregard to the ethics of their career. It is no longer about putting the truth as it is but who gets to sell it first, who puts the news out fastest even without getting their facts right. A good example is whenever there is a terrorist attack in connection to Kenya; without a second thought or consideration of the human dignity our gallant soldiers deserve, or their families, exaggerated numbers are posted from every media house and when the official statement is out the media houses shamelessly treat it as a claim. Leaving a trail of questions regarding their dignity which is obviously lost, but the most disturbing query I have for them is, on whose side are they really on? Security analysts have one answer to this ‘Terrorism thrives on propaganda and if the media doesn’t spread it then their course is in vain’.
That not being enough, on matters regarding the drought and famine the media rather than working to bring hope and seek help for the suffering communities, they portray a picture of desperation, death and unredeemable situations. As if that is nothing; a certain journalist, who was covering a story regarding the doctors’ crisis, taped and followed a woman around the city who needed urgent medical attention filming her suffering all through even allowing her to lose her unborn child, all in the name of making a sellable story. Its saddening how making money, making a name for oneself and getting awards has left no space for humanity within our journalists.
I miss the good old days when we sought for the good, encouraging, refreshing news. Where creativity, innovations and hard work were the news headlines, where bad and sad news were condemned and not glorified where we encouraged our heroes even when they fell and not applaud the scoundrels because of money and take their actions as a norm.
I am looking forward to a day when the media stakeholders will rise to uphold truth and human dignity and view their calling as a highly honored responsibility and not a puppet show to please their masters. Also I hope and pray that one of this fine days the recipients will be strong enough to resist the pervasive unquenchable appetite for negative energy created by the desperados who masquerade as media pundits. As we all know ‘’as a man thinks so he becomes’.
I know I may have spoken of the country being prepared for anarchy and most people may see it as an exaggeration. However, let me shed some light on what some events have really been about. The first one being the unconstitutional ejection of the former IEBC commissioners. The legality of the issue is quite a sham putting a few things into account. First of all the commission was called INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL BOUNDARY COMMISSION to be protected from political influence by the constitution itself. Secondly, there is a clear procedure to be followed on how to eject commissioners and you cannot eject the whole commission. Thirdly the circumstances under which the confidence in the commission dropped from 100 to zero was quite fictional. Who had lost confidence in it? What led to this? What are the facts regarding the performance of the commission? When did the confidence drop? These are the kind of questions the media ought to have asked but since they were all about selling the headlines we all missed the facts and relied on emotions. The former commissioners were able to carry out a peaceful, free and fair election which was certified by credible observers including the EU. The challenges they faced were handled quite well considering it was the first of its kind system. The opposition that led in ousting of this commissioners never made a point to clarify in facts and document what was really their problem with the commissioners. Taking their issues to the streets leading to destruction of property and loss of lives masquerading behind the right to picket. Let me flash forward you to August eleventh where the IEBC announces Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner and the opposition as the losers, with all observers agreeing to this, however, the media that is supposed to relay the info to the public has taken sides and is selling a negative story, what will be the repercussions? Bloodshed, violence all this because of insinceritys of the media and the huge appetite they have created in Kenyans for negativity.

With total disregard for the constitution and selective application of the law the opposition had their way, paving way to more demands that were selfish and unconstitutional. All this time the media was swept away in the floods of excitement failing to dissect and bring out the facts, but am certain if it were a government project the scrutiny it would have under could be unbearable.
Would I be wrong to term the media as biased and a political entity? Out to make money with total disregard of the wellbeing of its country and exploit any negative situation giving a blind eye to all the positivity going around? join me next time as we take a look at the social media and how its influencing politics especially the trending #dabofshame.

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