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Football is one of the most loved game not only here in Kenya but also across the world.Football fantasy has taken over the minds of young university students in Kenya. The rise of betting companies like SportPesa, Betway, Betin, M cheza,Betika and many others have seen many university students invest all their money from parents and Higher Education Loans Board(HELB) into betting with an aim of being millionaires.

Betting in university is now becoming a full time job for some students. You only need to analyze the games, place bets before the official game kicks off and wait for the congratulatory message for winning.

Some students have failed to register for semester simply because they used all their school fees into betting.If you visit our universities and colleges you will find most students carrying notes for betting analysis.

In Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology(Jooust) where i am schooling you will find comrades seated in a discussion group analyzing game bets especially in the Assembly Hall(AH) . The have hand out notes with analyzed bets to be placed before a game kicks off.
Some comrades have failed to pay rent because of betting.One student was sent Ksh4000 for paying rent. The student took all money and placed a Bet hoping to win. Unluckily all his money for paying rent were taken(Imenyonywa) by SportPesa.

Some students have committed suicide for loosing their money to betting. Last year July a student from Kenyatta University committed suicide for loosing Ksh 80,000 into betting.
He had placed a bet between Italy and Germany. For the first match he placed Ksh 40,000 bet on Germany to win.Second bet of Ksh 40,000 for Italy win. Unfortunately the match ended on a draw. The student went back to his home Migori County and hang himself.

It is advisable to use your money for the right purpose.You should avoid betting with school fees If you wish to pursue your studies well. Winning a bet is by luck, not a guarantee .Anyone can place bets with little money and become millionaire. It is widely known that 90% of sports bettors lose their money.

Betting has overwhelmed Kenyan universities by a storm ,being an addictive game of chance it is very hard to stop.Biblically and Quranically betting(gambling) is a sinful act and therefore for us tp be Godfearing and pious we must stop it.

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