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Why Willy Paul is still a VIRGIN

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Why Willy Paul is still a Virgin.

Just the other day on a national TV interview the famous Gospel singer Willy Paul confessed his virginity status saying “Mimi ata sija…sijawai. Sijaoa na sijawai na nangoja nioe. Nkioa ndo labda,”

I’ve never doubted any thing than I am doing right now. So Willy Paul, having access to all the sweetest candies one can imagine, happens to have Type 2 diabetes? On a national Tv interview the controversial Kenyan artist, Willy Paul sayed he is white as cotton – a virgin.According to him, he is an abstinence advocate for youth and reckons it’s a good thing for him and other youth to take it slow till they say ‘I do’.When the interviewer asked him how he overcomes his sexual urges, he turned musical and sang a verse. He said:

“Baby, najua kweli unataka…. Hata na me at some point huwaga nataka…but niko na baba ndani ya maisha yeah… so inabidi niombe nipate self-control…. Kesho tusipatane na mabad control.”

Still,many are in doubt of his confession as he is always suspected to be fooling around with ladies and has had too many scandals tying him down to women issues and And this coming from a guy who has been spotted a gazillion times it town with the hottest ‘prayer partners’ raised alot of concerns especially from his fans despite him saying the ladies are only for the video shows.Well,As it is from the horses mouth,Willy Paulbis a virgin.Not that he hasn’t faced any Delilah,willy Paul also got receptors that makes him feel ‘gijiriri’ every time he’s around his ‘jigi jigi’ and that makes him sound the Willy Paul we all think we know.

You’re wondering why Willy Paul is still a virgin? Honestly I don’t know why but I think you might just find your answer in his message song “Take it Slow” but if you still don’t get it, I’ll be back with the very reason why.

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