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Blaze is a network for the youths by safaricom.

Blaze enable the youths to; get access to the ‘BE YOUR OWN BOSS’ mentorship summits, shop with blaze bonga, buy more affordable bundles, with create your own plan stand a chance to participate in the BYOB TV show.

Dial *555# and reply with 1 for yes to join.

Shop with Blaze bonga.

Blaze bonga are just like the normal safaricom bonga points earned every time you top up credit .Blaze bonga are redeemable for the following;

Foodstuff e.g. Domino’s pizza (BBQ chicken pizza and BBQ steak pizza)

Bata items e.g. Bata north stars and power sneakers

3D movie tickets at Anga Sky

Smartphone Blaze flame (tecno camon c5) or Huawei Y360

Free voice minutes, airtime, data bundles or SMS 3minutes for 50 blaze bonga, KSH 2for 10 blaze bonga, 7MB for 15 blaze bonga and 4 SMS for 20 blaze bonga

Buy more affordable Bundles

Dial *555# after joining Blaze and reply with 1 Buy Blaze bundles e.g DAILY 75MB at KSH30,Weekly 375MB at KSH150 or Monthly 1.2GB+600SMS at 600.

Create your own plan

Dial *555# after joining blaze and reply 2 Create your plan. You will be sent for a link creating your own plan you will decide on how much (airtime) you would want to spend daily, weekly or monthly. You will be allowed to adjust bars (choose) on voice minutes, SMS and data bundle then press ignite. So you will just be topping the amount selected and then you receive your items as marked when creating your plan.

BYOB-Be Your Own Boss

It’s an asset owned by BLAZE that organizes BYOB summits, boot camps, events and other empowerment related programs.



Youth summit

Are youth mentorship symposium that will give BLAZERS access to different mentors who are professional or semi-professional in their field of passion. A training workshop where BLAZER will have one on one training in specific field.

Emmanuel(Manu) at the blaze summit

Emmanuel(Manu) at the blaze summit

Boot camps

Boot camps are intense and can take 2-5 days depending on the skills being taught. After the boot camp BLAZERS are able to begin using the skills taught as their own boss and begin making their own money.


During the summits the BLAZERS are auditioned, the auditioned and shortlisted candidates will be allowed to display their ideas on the TV. To register and audition for the TV show attend any BYOB summit.

Join Blaze today, follow your passion, be your own boss and make your money. Strictly open for the youths 26 years and below.


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