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Willy Paul is fond of complaining when things go wrong in the music industry as far as his gospel music career is concerned. It is now almost a month dine he launched a collabo with Harmonize; a Tanzanian artist signed in the recording label of WCB under their boss Diamond Platinumz (Chibu Dangote Aka Simba). From his instagram posts, Willy Paul seems to be perturbed by the little views close to an approximate of 600,000 views. He feels something went wrong somewhere.

Willy Paul and Harmonize are not on good terms after the Tanzanian seemingly reneged on a contractual agreement with the local gospel star on their song Pili Pili.

I quote what Willy Paul says:
“We should be fair,” Willy told Word Is. “The way we push our music here, they should also push our music. We are brothers. I feel like they have to play their part. If we are brothers, let’s be real brothers. Hakuna kitu naeza mwambia. Anajua vile tulikua tume-agree.”

He added: “Kenyan music should be played more. As an artiste, I feel we are not played more in our country. As much as we are played their music, our own music should also be played but in a bigger percentage. I support WCB but I feel they should do the same thing.”

At a personal level, I would give this opinion to Willy Paul, that we don’t force music to our audience. We can comparatively compare Pilipili remix verses Kwangwaru hit produced by Diamond ft Harmonize .The feedback from the fans is that Kwangwaru has harmonized its musical lyrics and vocals to a finest point in comparison to PiliPili.The lyrics are soft and touching to the soul.
Honestly, we should not blame Harmonize but instead go work for a finer Musical hit that will attract a wider gap of views on the YouTube channel.

As quoted by the star, Willy Paul says he is in good terms with Wasafi management team.

The government should also support the Kenyan music industry to boost its production quality.

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