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Woiye sirikal.

Mystery Misterious
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Jingle bells,jingle bells jingle all the way๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽท

I bet you are familiar with this song or may be you are still in the season’s hangover but I doubt.With this njaanuary the cover song ought to be

‘Jinga bells jinga bells…tumesota njaa iko hakuna kwa kwenda heeey jinga bells๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽบ’.. And so on.

I remember telling my old man tulipe fee kwanza then sikukuu itakam through then paps went all ‘msichana hauna imani eeema kanisa unaenda kufanya nini?’

Then part of me was in agreement that by the way tone was all over my mind but the other which then I thought was the devil’s dump site was disputing the faith idea since it doesn’t pay fees.Then I thought to myself ‘enyewe kesho itajipigania’ so on 25th like the rest I packed my best garments and prepared my tummy for divine increase.ย  The day was awesome especially because it was ‘bash ya Yesu’.We started by attending the church mass where I saw the pastor’s son whoah years fly fast I tell you,he had grown to a fine three and a half ab-ed man.He was proof that the lord really works in mysterious ways because he was way handsome than my boyfriend. He was all I saw and heard the same ntire service. Then before I had stolen enough glances the mass was over.Then we went back home.

Every meal was ready but as usual everyone manifested the carnivorous part of them and the short lived moment was already over before we could notice.My sister was part of Matiangi’s class of 2016 and thank the gods she managed to scoop a position in a decent girl’s boarding school.We said our byes and mwaka mpya greetings to each other and the long njaa-ny back home began.

The opening dates were knocking on our broke doors and faith was now paying our bills as predicted.So am now appealing to the government and well wishers at large to hear me in my moment of sorrow to do the following;

1.Pay my father’s children school fees.

2.Do some shopping to keep us going for the rains are no more,the clouds are not gathering.

3.Woi please the rent part our landlord will kill us dead.

4.Ahem you see even my boyfriend isn’t picking up my calls or texting back,blue ticks ndio zangu so the dry spell is real.Please na sponsor pia aliokoka.Find me another well off creature.

5.Then please kill faith for me…wait the bishop said this year I will encounter divine elevation he still has 300+ days to prove it to me for now let’s forgive faith.

Yes that is all I had Mr.Sirikal am looking forward to a positive response soon.Thank you.โ˜บ

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