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It’s the solitary confinement of the soul that makes us succumb to despair and all foul. Try seeing with your mind and I presume this will get to you. That if you see what what you’re expecting to see,you don’t look carefully. If I was that stupid,I would jump off the roof myself. This is more than a statement. It is a warning. THERE ARE NO HEADLINES WITHOUT PROOF. That is my headline. If you think you can match your judging skills to the determination of a mother at will, you should be whipped.

Fingers will never stop pointing. Minds will never stop thinking. Tongues will never stop wagging. And people will never stop judging. I can presume just how the people who whipped Jesus felt like. It ain’t fair to whip somebody who to sin is so unlike. But if that is how the righteous are punished, the sinners should a million times as much be punished. You say a lady is immoral if she had six kids with different fathers. The further you look into this the harder it will hit you that not every man is man enough to be a father. Could be all those six men were moved by mere beauty. I can’t say beauty is vanity but prettiness is vain as much as evading responsibility is lame,and guess who lives with the shame. Guess who takes the immoral label. And you think kids don’t get the fair share of the pain. If you know you ain’t man enough to man up to the responsibility of your manhood why destroy somebody else’s life??
Why cause so much strife?? Why do you give false hope yet you watch somebody slide down the drain,with all confidence down the drain and make beauty fade with the rain???
You meet somebody and you go out. After one says she got a kid, you sip your drink and walk out,and say with such a person you cannot go out. That is stupid but is more sensible than the one who accommodate the kid and the beauty then later when the responsibility becomes a reality,he walks out without goodbye.
If you can’t take it,why were you involving yourself in the first place??
It’s enough to just save your phase of early fatherhood. At least you don’t make anyone lose her face. Because nobody asks ever asks a guy if he has kids in an interview.

If you think a lady is immoral since she is a mother at a wrong age you should be whipped.
If you think you can only judge a woman by her curves and beauty you should be whipped.
If you think it’s a mistake to let out those hidden emotions you should also be whipped.
Let them all be whipped who think they can match their skill of judging to a mother whose determination to make the best of her motherhood is at will.


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