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Jael Omondi
Written by Jael Omondi
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The countdown to August 2017 has already began; each time the clock ticks, the day draws nearer and nearer. The political rallies are getting more intense, old bonds are breaking, new bonds are being formed, lines are being drawn and each aspirant wants to emerge the top dog come 8th August.
We, the voters and as Kenyans have the core mandate of ensuring there’s unity. As the aspirants are campaigning, let’s look beyond tribalism, nepotism or even racism. Let’s vote for people who are capable of making Kenya greater.


Most of us feel compelled by a broken societal compass to want to vote for people who come from our own ethnicity and the number of youths enticed by this possibility is stunning. But, lets reflect first, we’ve been voting for people from our area but have they brought the change we want.


We should strive to elect people with leadership qualities who will make Kenya make a drastic step and develop in all sectors.

2017 is our opportunity, to replace the incapable leaders with true leaders. Voting is our voice on 8th. The voice that will ensure those who enter the public offices are the right leaders; not right in terms of how much money they have but what they will give to make Kenya better. Leaders who will stand for the betterment of Kenyans who elected them. Leaders who will not only strive to eradicate the high rate of unemployment, corruption, poverty, drought amongst others but who will make us dream of worlds beyond our own sun; leaders who will make us yearn to reelect them again come 2022.
Let us make better choices today to avoid future regrets. It’s time for change and that time is on the 8th August 2017.



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